Thursday, 24 April 2014

OOTD: Lunch with Mum

I'm working full time at the moment as I'm off Uni for Easter, which is still a treat (no deadlines, woot woot). I had a random day off today (on a Thursday... life is crazy) and I had a big bag of old clothes to drop off at a charity shop, so Mum and I made an afternoon of it: we lunched and basked in the beautiful sun in a local town.

Tee Zara Jeans Topshop

If you've ever been to North Staffordshire, you'll know that this is quite a dressy get-up. Put a dress on, and you'll be mistaken for a Royal. I'm one to to push boundaries, so I do like occasionally opting to not wear jeans, but today was a day to blend in with the crowds.

Jacket Vintage Envelope Necklace Bought via Instagram from Victoria's Vintage

I LOVE this jacket, it was an absolute steal (£12 at a vintage show in Chester)! Putting it on is like eating good cheese. Instant gratification.

Bag Outlet store by Manchester Piccadilly Nails Seventeen Lasting Fix in 'Fairy Cake'

This bag was also a bargain - I think it was £12, and I love the colour. For any locals, the store is on the left on the road from Piccadilly Station from town - I think it's called 'Super Discount Store' (haha). The nails are boring, but they have to be with days at work both yesterday and tomorrow! I love Seventeen nail varnishes and this one is worth it for the name alone *squeezes fists due to name cuteness*

We went to the cutest little cafe with vintage decor and mismatched old crockery, which filled me with glee! I had an Earl Grey (because you can't go wrong with an Earl Grey) and a scrambled egg muffin with smoked salmon. It was DEEEElightful and afternoons like this are what makes going to work every other day worthwhile!

I also cheated *slaps wrist* and had a parsnip cake (Mum's idea) which was the stuff of dreams.

Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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