Thursday, 10 July 2014

Room Tour

Hooray!! This post has been on my waiting list for ages now - over the last few months, I've been sorting out my bedroom at home and a couple of weeks ago I almost cried with joy at it actually being complete!!

It took a long time and more than I care to admit of my income for this year has gone on buying precious little pieces of decor to make it perfect. I absolutely love it though, and I'm glad that all that time and effort paid off. 

Big up to my mum and dad who wallpapered it while I was away in Lourdes! They also bought the bed and new carpet, which I was very grateful for. 

This is going to be very photo-heavy and in respect of not wanting to crash Blogger I'm not going to caption the images, but if anyone would like to know where specific items are from, I would love to let you know in the comments! A lot of pieces are from charity shops (I love a bit of bric-a-brac) and bargain shops, so a lot of them can be bought on a budget :)

Here come the pics!!

Phewwww!! If you got to here and looked at every picture, I applaud you! I hope you like my bedroom as much as I do! 

Thanks so much for reading! XX


  1. Your room looks so cute!! Definitely taking some inspiration haha :) also love your blog!! xx