Thursday, 19 June 2014

Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion: A Review

First things first... I've been so bad at blogging recently! It's due to a combo of me being pretty busy (with nice things - my friends are slowly arriving home for summer, yippee!) and not having that much inspiration. When I come home from work most days I just veg - but I HAVE got a few post ideas lined up so all is not lost!!

Onto important stuff... this wonderful product. I ended up throwing this into my Superdrug basket last week because I'd run out of standard everyday moisturiser, and I decided to go mad and go for a gradual tan option - the sun is making an appearance but I still look like The Woman in White so some colour on my limbs was definitely necessary!

A week later (using this beast once or twice a day), in the wise words of Ricky Martin, my skin is actually resembling the colour mocha. This is a fabulous product. It doesn't smell of rank fake tan smell, and moisturises like a standard moisturiser does. I am impressed!

However, some things to bear in mind...

1. WASH YOUR HANDS! The inside of my fingers look so so ridiculous - so so orange! I will never learn.

2. If you actually want to have a noticeable tan, buy the darker version of the product - it does the job a lot quicker than the light version, and makes me feel like I've got my money's worth!

In a post to come some pictures MAY arise of the product in action - legs out is finally acceptable.



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