Sunday, 22 June 2014

Lovely weekend and a Home Bargains Haul!!

I am beyond knackered + covered in bruises and grazes, but this weekend has been super lovely! It's not often that my days off from work actually fall on a Saturday and Sunday, so it was a super treat when I saw this week's rota and saw that I wasn't working! 

Yesterday I went to see a family friend's work at the local uni's Fine Art exhibition. This was cool, but I especially loved having the chance to visit the Textiles section. Seeing all the planning and hard work that had gone into the final products on show was so fascinating, and I genuinely wanted to buy a lot of the items I saw on show. I like sewing and have made my own clothes before, but I would love to be so creatively talented at it to make it a life path!!

Last night I visited my friend in Coventry and we spent the night at the launch night of an Irish pub. As expected it was mental, messy, and a general downright larf. Although after every night I encounter along these lines end up with waking up to a shameful Snapchat story, a massive wound (this time, my right knee was grazed and I had blood all up my leg!) and a face full of make-up...

Today we spent the day in the sunshine at a 3rd birthday party and popped into Home Bargains (absolute gem of a store) where I picked up these bargains indeed for a total of 8 quid! If that's not a round-up of a top weekend I don't know what is.

L-R: Rabbit trinket holder, Set of three floral tins, I Love... Hand Cream, V05 Give Me Moisture Conditioner, Macadamia Oil Extract Shampoo

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