Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Round-up: The Last Month

Oops. I know blog silence doesn't bode well for anyone, especially for newbies like me, so this is an attempt to swing back into blaction (blog action) (maybe not).

I've just had a three and a half week break from Uni, which was SO lovely and needed after my exam period. I was doing lots of extra shifts at my part-time job (which I enjoy anyway) but it was lovely to actually be able to have a social life on my few days off. 

It was really nice to stay in my Chester for a few days after finishing exams, because I'm not used to being there and not having to spend every hour in the library! We went for a cute house meal as it's not often all ten of us are together. It's fun living in a ten-bed house but long terms can be very tiresome when you want some sleep and a clean surface to cook on.

There's more than ten people in this photo as partners were invited too (mine is non-existent, haha).

I was also in a play just before I came home again! It was Footloose, and this is a shot from the after party. It went so swimmingly and I had so so much fun (as my big role... 'Extra Townsperson'). I miss it loads and still haven't seen the film!

I went to York for a couple of days with mum, dad, my sisters and their husbands and children. York is my kind of place, so quaint and beautiful, elegant but still full of modern essentials and kitsch shops and just a general delight of a place! It was sunny, too, which is obviously allllways a bonus and we even had a few cheeky icey cs. 

I also had a really lovely three days in Portsmouth over Easter weekend. Our friends Dom and Rachel live there and have recently jumped on the proper grown-ups bandwagon after getting married last August (such a good day. We helped serve the Pimms and I had to actually slap myself mid-speeches because I was so drunk and couldn't concentrate) 
Rachel is now expecting a baby and they invited us all down for a civilised mini holiday with tea, cake, a BBQ on the beach, big cosy nights in, shopping and coastal walks. It was perfect! I was designated driver one of two, which meant five hours each way on the roads (and six motorways!) so on our next holiday I'm definitely shotgunning in someone else's ride.

Easter Sunday was lovely too, I created a crazy egg hunt which went down pretty well!  It was actually my first at home for three years, so it was lovely to be with family and go to church together. 

I got to meet this little princess the other day! This is Naomi's new niece Catherine who I loved giving a wee cuddle. My 'weekend' last week meant that I got to visit Naomi's school and meet some students as we're taking them on a trip to Lourdes in May half term (buzzzinnngggg). Although the concept of me, as a leader, with an actual school, with actual responsibility, for an actual week is slightly terrifying. 

Aaanddd... to round off a wonderful break, a trip to Leeds to celebrate lovely Laura's 21st was on the cards! I was off alcohol for Lent, so it was so good to finally have a night out that didn't have me serving the primary purpose of looking after everyone else! We went to some mental karaoke bar which was obviously top lols, and I 'sang' the last song of the night which was 'Because I Got High' - only because the person who was signed up for it had gone home so I nobly stepped in and got involved! (I had forgotten how gross the lyrics get at the end - worth it for the respect from the crowd though haha).  I like this photo... that couple were gross though!!

I started my placement in a school today - it's been such a lovely first day and I can't wait for tomorrow with Class 2! Life is so so good.

Much love!! X


  1. Sounds like you've had a really busy few weeks! Lovely photos!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Ahh thank you! It's so good to be busy :)) xxx