Saturday, 10 May 2014

Soap & Glory Collection: I may have a problem

Points to whoever can guess what my favourite body product brand is!

I would like to add that this stuff is only built up since around Christmas time - I get through S&G products VERY quickly and don't like to mousturise sparingly.

Does anyone else share my unhealthy obsession? A lot of people I know see S&G as a high-end high-street brand that is overpriced nonsense, but I honestly do believe that you get what you pay for - the products go a long way, do the job well and smell like the sweet love of angels.

It's always lovely to smell lovely!

Does anyone have a favourite S&G product? I think my favourite set of scents has got to be 'Sugar Crush' - so bladdy delicious! I feel like I smell like a pina colada when I use them.



  1. I absolutely love soap and glory too and I think if I put all my collection together it would probably look something like this! Sugar crush is my fav too!
    I have looked for other body products that are cheaper but none smell like soap and glory do!
    I'm glad I've found somebody as obsessed as I am haha

    1. Ahaha I'm glad I'm not the only one - I think it's a very healthy obsession :) XX